Are your supplies REALLY all-natural? 

Yes, and we know because we make them ourselves! We use fruit-infused vinegars and gentle soaps, along with plenty of hot water and elbow grease.

Will you clean anywhere? 

At the moment we are only offering services in Philadelphia, PA. 

Are you OK with pets? 

Absolutely, just be aware that free-roaming pets can slow down the cleaning process.

Will you do additional tasks for me like wash my dishes, do my laundry, or organize a shelf?

Of course! Just let us know in advance so we can budget extra time. We will work with you to clean your house to your specifications. Here are some guidelines:

  • We reserve the right to refuse to clean hazardous materials such as toxic chemicals or human or animal waste.
  • We will move furniture under 30 lbs or heavier furniture on wheels, provided the surfaces are clear of belongings.
  • For safety and legal reasons we cannot climb past the second rung of a ladder, though we can use extension tools to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • All our services are interior services, we cannot wash the outside of your home, mow the lawn, etc.

How long does it take for you to clean?

We try to tailor each cleaning to maximize efficiency. The length of service depends on the size of the space, the condition of the space, andextra duties. Almost all homes are finished within 1-3 hours.

How can we pay you? 

We accept cash, check, or major credit card at the time of service.



The apartment was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning as the previous tenant was not skilled in cleanliness. The apartment looked and smelled like a new place. Very pleased with the results and highly recommend this company.

 -Andrew M.


They clean the apartment biweekly and we always look forward to coming home after they have been there. Since we both work during the day, it's a bit of a magic trick - we leave in the morning and when we come home at 5pm every other Thursday the apartment is spotless.

-Alison K.


I recently hired New Leaf to clean a three story row home that myself and a few friends were moving out of. The house was a total mess before they arrived; the carpets were coated with cat hair, there was dust everywhere, and the bathrooms were a disaster. They got the job done in an hour and a half, and it was honestly in better condition than when we moved in two years prior. 

-Sarah W